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When the Season Ends, We’ve Got You Covered

As quickly as it comes, the holiday season also comes to an end, leaving many of us with a little bit of post-holiday blues and the daunting task of taking down our beautiful Christmas lights. Don’t worry; Asheboro Holiday Lights has got you covered with our efficient Christmas light removal service in Asheboro, NC.

Why Opt for Professional Christmas Light Removal?

Preserve the Lifespan of Your Lights

If you think taking down Christmas lights is as easy as putting them up, think again. Incorrectly removing or storing lights can lead to tangled wires, damaged bulbs, or worse. Our professional team knows the nuances of properly taking down lights, ensuring that they are ready to use for the next holiday season.

Safety First, Always

As with installation, removing Christmas lights has its own set of hazards. Climbing up and down ladders in the winter weather is risky. By opting for our Christmas light removal service, you eliminate these risks and ensure a safe, professional process.

Save Time and Energy

Let’s be honest; taking down Christmas lights is not the most enjoyable part of the holiday season. Our service allows you to focus on transitioning into the New Year, without the hassle of worrying about the lights.

Customized Removal Plan

Your Schedule, Your Terms

We understand that every family has its own holiday traditions and schedules. Whether you want your lights taken down right after the holidays or prefer to keep them up a little longer, we accommodate your preferences with flexible scheduling options.

Careful Labeling and Organization

If you have multiple types of lights and decorations, keeping track of what goes where can be a headache. Our team carefully labels and organizes your lights as they are taken down, making the next installation process much smoother.

Post-Removal Options: Storage and Repair

Don’t Sweat the Storage

If you lack the extra storage space or just don’t want to deal with the boxes of lights, Asheboro Holiday Lights offers a convenient storage service. Your lights will be kept in climate-controlled conditions, ready for the next installation.

Maintenance and Repairs

During the removal process, if we notice any lights that are damaged or not functioning correctly, we offer repair services to ensure your lights are in tip-top shape for the next holiday season.

FAQs: What to Know About Our Removal Service

When Should I Schedule the Removal?

We advise scheduling the removal soon after the holiday season concludes, usually by the second week of January.

Do I Need to Be Home?

No, as long as we have access to your installation areas, we can manage the removal in your absence.

What If Some Lights Get Damaged?

Our professional team takes extreme care during the removal. However, in the unlikely event of damage, we offer repair or replacement services.

Can I Book for the Next Season?

Absolutely! We even offer special rates for customers who book their next season’s installation early.

By opting for Asheboro Holiday Lights’ Christmas light removal service, you’re ensuring a smooth transition into the New Year. Leave the tedious post-holiday chores to us and start the year off on a stress-free note.


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Connect with Asheboro Holiday Lights today to ensure that your home is the talk of the town this holiday season. With our expert Christmas light installation services, your home will be a true Asheboro, NC Christmas spectacle.